Random mutes on GP3

Hey guys,

I have a Scarlett 2i2 and Mac 10.12 Sierra and every once in a while Gig Performer 3 will completely mute for 1-3 seconds.

It’s like when you select Preferences and everything mutes.

I still see signal coming into my Scarlett, so I know it isn’t the Scarlett.

Have you heard of this issue? Any idea how to fix it?

Thanks and talk soon,


Hi @rockstarmind , welcome to the GP community. Are you still using the evaluation version of GP3?

There are most likely only two explanations…

  1. you did not activate your GP yet so it may cut the sound from time to time, but you would notice this as the screen would go red and a message would be displayed telling you what happened.

  2. Some of your plugins are not activated and they are cutting the sound.

Other than that - if things worked fine before - something changed on your system. Maybe a plugin lost a previously good activation and needs to be reactivated?

Thanks for the suggestion. Everything is activated. GP3, AmpliTube, Diezel VH4, and Valhalla Room

Nothing has changed, but this has been happening for months. Only now trying to fix it.

If you bypass all the plugins - does it happen then. your guitar sound will just go out through the interface, but we’ll know if the problem is with one of the plugins.

If that works - you can then enable them one by one and maybe figure out which one is causing the problems…


Ok thanks…I’m going to try using the AU versions of the plugins. I was using the VST versions. From what I understand, AU works better on Mac.

I never use AUs on my Mac. I always use VSTs unless they aren’t available. Whatever is going on, it’s unlikely to be format related.

Because they only work on Mac :wink:

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