Ran out of Patch Changes

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I’ve run out of Program Changes. I’m full up to 127. Is there a way I can get more? Can gig performer listen to Program Changes from different MIDI channels? I’m having a hard time finding info.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks for the input

Jon Blanck

GP supports the MIDI standard bank select messages to allow you to have multiple banks each with 128 program changes, exactly the same way you would control an external synth that has more than 128 patches

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Link: Variation Properties

Hey there

Thanks for the info. I know how to assign program changes (PC). My problem is that I’ve run out of program changes. I’ve hit the max 127. I would like to just send the messages from my iPad to different MIDI channels. That way I’ll have plenty. But I can’t find an option to recieve PC messages from specific midi channels.

Any thoughts out there?

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As mentioned before,GP supports the standard well-defined bank select mechanism for more than 128 patches.
I don’t know what iPad app you’re using but the ones that I have used (forScore in the past, now MobileSheets) all support bank select messages.

Ok. That sounds like the answer. I’m using TouchOsc on an iPad to change programs/patches. I can’t find how to send the bank information from TouchOSC. I’m using midi messages

For TouchOSC there is this great blog article: Gig Performer | Working with TouchOSC and Gig Performer [guest article]

Thanks for this. I’m gonna give that a read tonight

Bank messages are just CC 0 (and optionally CC 32) messages sent before the program change message. A google search for midi bank select messages should bring multiple results.

That said, if you’re using TouchOSC, consider sending OSC messages instead of MIDI

Beautiful! duuuude… thanks. So if I have it right… I gotta start using the new TouchOSC program. Then I can stack two midi messages… send CC00 Value 2 (for bank two) then PC Value 26 (For patch 27).

I think I’ll ask my friend for an OSC lesson like you say. He knows that stuff inside and out.

Thanks so much

  • Jon
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