Ramp Coarseness - sensible values?

I’ve just started playing with ramps in GP Script and having tremendous fun adding ‘Chaos’ buttons to delays :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve seen the notes in the language manual about the generator coarseness and not setting it too low so that it’s too CPU intensive - but what is a sensible value that people are generally using?

I having been using 50ms and that certainly is good from a ‘not noticing any steps’ point of view, but is this too fast? Or too slow? It seems to work but wondering what others are using.


Regarding the coarseness, I thing there are mainly rules of thumb. :grimacing: I would say, set the coarseness as high as possible, the audible result should tells you when to stop. For now, the only “issue” I had with generators, was to catch the end value to stop it. You have to think of it with a margin…

Yeah, that’s a good suggestion - I can almost certainly get away with 100 - if not 200 - ms for this sorry if thing; it’s just turning up or down the intensity of a delay so you aren’t going to hear any stepped changes like you might of it was adjusting a filter out something.

Likewise, I found the ‘need for margin’ you mention but in the end just lived with it; again, as it’s just a delay parameter of it sets 0.05 off sheet I asked it, is not going to be noticeable in this instant! But something to watch for for other scripts. How do you deal with it (in actual script I mean, rather than theory)?

I don’t understand what you mean :thinking:

I think it might also be interesting what the default setting for the coarseness is, just to know where we stand when we start to try other values.

Sorry, badly worded. What I meant was - is there a particular script method you use to try and ‘catch’ the value when it gets to the desired value to minimise the margin?

No, rule of thumb again, I set a longer generator length of fast one time the coarseness.