Radial KL-8

Does anyone here have one of these in their rig? I’m considering upgrading my audio interface from a Scarlet 2i4 and wonder about the quality of the interface portion of this. It looks like a great product and would definitely be an asset as far as the mixer portion. I’m interested in hearing any reviews of this product from users.

I use this product. The audio and built quality is really good. For me there is only 1 disadvantage; you only have 1 stereo output. All other outputs are mirroring somehow this output

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I only have the Key Largo - the smaller version. I use it as an audio interface with GP and I’m very happy with it. The drivers seem to be very stable. (The only disadvantage is that there’s no phone output).

I’m one happy owner of a KL-8. All Radial products are well made and rock solid. The dual USB ports on it make it very simple to incorporate a laptop for use with GP. The main outputs have high quality passive transformers so the FOH send is excellent. I also utilize the aux ins to bring a monitor signal from FOH to interface with my wires in ear Shure bodypack. Although the Scarlett products are equally solid (I own one for my studio),the KL-8 is excellent for the live music rig.

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