RackspaceName only works from root in Lemur?


Hi I wanted to have the RackspaceName available in Lemur through OSC and while this works from the ‘root’ in a Lemur template, it does not seem to work when it’s used placed inside a container or from an other interface, even when a custom address (/RackspaceName/light) is used…
I have now solved it by making the used containers smaller to leave space for the RackspaceName in the root but it seems strange that I can not use that within a container??

In GP itself there’s no way of putting anything else than standard characters in the OSC name, so a slash to define a path to a container is not possible, right?..

Any suggestions???
cheers Hans


Create your own script in Lemur to respond to the /RackspaceName message and use the setattribute function to set the appropriate attribute

Please check Lemur docs for more info on this


Thanks David - haven’t really starting to dive in to Lemur scripting so I had not thought of this yet … doh…
thanks again! cheers Hans


No worries - I hadn’t quite realized how Lemur scripting really worked when I did the original template. There will be a new enhanced template coming soon that takes advantage of this kind of scripting


:slight_smile: Looking forward to it!