Rackspace for the Hammond B3X (Ikmultimedia) (Main buttons)

Hammond-Panel.gppanel (484.4 KB)

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Can you post a screenshot?

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The rack below


Thanks for sharing!
A very nice panel! :slight_smile:


Very nice panel indeed.

I also have a korg nanokontrol but when it loses USB connection i have to restart gig performed to get it working again. It is a korg issue because they use they own drivers.

Do you also have this problem?

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Hi Michel,
No never have a problem with Nano.
It never losses the connection over here

I have tell that I connect the Nano to a connectivity Audio4c with an USB connection…
Maybe that’s why it is stable

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Mine is (was) connected with a (cheap) USB switch (to a FocusRite 2i4 which is good).

However, my master keyboards both work perfectly via that cheap USB switch. But not the Korg (at least until connection is lost, and cannot be reconnected without restarting GP, or the laptop).