Rackspace for IK Multimedai BX3 49 note keyboard

I’ve just taken advantage of the 50% off for IK Multimedia BX3. Is there a rs available whereby a 49 note usb keyboard (specfically Nektar Panorama 49) with 9 faders could control the 9 drawbars with a split for left and right hand. I would need to control the drawbars on both upper and lower manuals including Leslie speed. Something close that I could modify would be great.
Many thanks.

Here ya go, this should give you a bit of a head start. Jump into wiring view and adjust the key splits and ranges. Once you’ve mapped widgets to your controller, you should be good to go.

This might look like overkill, but by mapping everything to a widget I’m able to use Songlist view snapshots with one instance of B3x. One instance in my gig, but each song effectively has its own ‘patch’.

~ Hammond B3X ~.rackspace (2.0 MB)

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Thank you my friend. Much appreciated.

thanks for it, was looking for the same!