Rackspace for Behringer Flow 8 USB mixer

This is a rackspace for Behringer’s Flow 8 USB Mixer with as many features as I could control from within GP. It’s what I imagine the device would look like if it had a full mixer console.

The rackspace controls the device with MIDI. Since the device is one-way only for MIDI, the GP rackspace doesn’t reflect changes that you make from the mixer controls or via the iOS/Android apps. It would be nice to change this but that needs enhancements from Behringer.

Some implementation notes:

  • It’s lightweight because there is no plugin used. So it’s created as a rackspace and you can create variations for different songs etc.
  • It uses GPScript to display the FX settings (“Reverb”, “Flanger” etc) and all the parameter settings.
  • I’ve followed the MIDI spec in the Flow 8 manual
  • It has compression for each input (e.g. USB/BT) but I can’t find a MIDI CC for the separate compression level that is available in the mobile app. Another request to Behringer :slight_smile:
  • The BPM setting need (a) hit play in GP then (b) click the button just beside the BPM under FX2. It’s a bit unreliable because it’s not a MIDI CC - just a stream of C-1 notes on each beat from GP.

Let me know any thoughts on improving the layout or features. Enjoy!

Behringer FLOW 8.rackspace (2.5 MB)


Nice work @andrew!

I notice you’ve done the graphic EQs on the Master and monitor busses too. Very nicely done.


Thanks Dave!

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Hi - this is awesome. I’m trying to understand the guts of it though and am missing something. The FX selector knob references a GPScript name, but I can’t seem to find it in any of the blocks. I am a bit of a novice at this, so I appreciate any direction you can offer.

Here’s what happens when you move FX1.

  1. It has the GP_Script name “W_FX1_Effect”

  2. Menu “Window → Open Current Rackspace Editor”
    (or Global you’re also asking for that too:-)

  3. At line 5, you’ll see this line which allows this script to interact with the FX1 widget on the screen

W_FX1_Effect: Widget

  1. At line 95 you’ll see the code that gets called any time there is change in the value of FX1 (or FX2)
on WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from W_FX1_Effect, W_FX2_Effect
  1. Set labels converts the values of all the FX knobs into readable labels and sends MIDI to the FLOW 8 to update it’s setting.

I hope that helps. -A

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Yes, thank you! This was helpful. This Rackspace is awesome. I’d always wanted to get something like this working for my other Audio Interface but never had the patience to try and put something together. The rig I’m setting up now is a lot simpler and this allows me to literally leave my mixer in a small case on the floor and not have to worry about touching it at all.

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