Rackspace for Behringer Flow 8 USB mixer

This is a rackspace for Behringer’s Flow 8 USB Mixer with as many features as I could control from within GP. It’s what I imagine the device would look like if it had a full mixer console.

The rackspace controls the device with MIDI. Since the device is one-way only for MIDI, the GP rackspace doesn’t reflect changes that you make from the mixer controls or via the iOS/Android apps. It would be nice to change this but that needs enhancements from Behringer.

Some implementation notes:

  • It’s lightweight because there is no plugin used. So it’s created as a rackspace and you can create variations for different songs etc.
  • It uses GPScript to display the FX settings (“Reverb”, “Flanger” etc) and all the parameter settings.
  • I’ve followed the MIDI spec in the Flow 8 manual
  • It has compression for each input (e.g. USB/BT) but I can’t find a MIDI CC for the separate compression level that is available in the mobile app. Another request to Behringer :slight_smile:
  • The BPM setting need (a) hit play in GP then (b) click the button just beside the BPM under FX2. It’s a bit unreliable because it’s not a MIDI CC - just a stream of C-1 notes on each beat from GP.

Let me know any thoughts on improving the layout or features. Enjoy!

Behringer FLOW 8.rackspace (2.5 MB)


Nice work @andrew!

I notice you’ve done the graphic EQs on the Master and monitor busses too. Very nicely done.


Thanks Dave!

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