Rackspace Export file location


Is one of these locations meant to be the home of exported Rackspace files?


Should I create a subdir ‘Rackspaces’?

Feel free to arrange folders any way you like.

Yes, of course, but I’m really asking if one of the existing folders was “intended” for .rackspace files - and if not, I suppose I’m wondering if there was a specific reason why ‘Rackspaces’ didn’t make the cut as a default folder.

There is no convention for rackspaces and gig files. :slight_smile:

You can create that folder ‘Rackspaces’ if you’d like to keep them there.

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The problem with a default place for saving rackspaces is that users may have multiple rackspaces with the same name but slightly different content, depending on the gig. I certainly have this myself.

For example, I have a rackspace called Piano which I use in gig files that are in the context of a band. But I also have a rackspace called Piano which I use with gig files that are for solo purposes. The difference is mainly the EQ for the piano, in the band gigfiles, the bass is reduced for the piano so as not to interfere with the electric bass player.

If everything was saved to one place, then it would be far too easy to replace (and lose) rackspaces. The user would have to have extra discipline, perhaps with extra subfolders, to make sure to not overwrite rackspaces.

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The voice of experience! Thanks very much.