Quicker bypass with keyboard modifier

Hi all,

when creating more complex layerings and testing single instruments it would be very helpful to get quicker access to the bypass command. As live keyboard player you also need to debug sometimes :smiley: So I thought as little workaround (until there will be maybe easier ways to select and edit objects in V2!?) for the current V1.x it would be cool to toggle the bypass state by pressing SHIFT, CMD/CTRL or ALT and clicking on an object.

An even greater possibility would be a solo function for instruments that automatically mutes/bypasses any other instruments. Maybe a FR for Gig Performer 2… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions.

You can also always have a button widget connected to the “bypass” of your plugin and control it with a single click, midi or osc. This also works with variations.

Yes, that’s right and cool if you want to bypass some plugin live. I meant it for working in the back view when you’re just creating your instrument rackspace and want to compare or adjust single instruments.

Yesterday in our rehearsal I had one complex lead/brass/rhodes/pad combination with 7 instruments sounding simultaneously and one of the instruments produced strange artefacts when playing chords. Having a faster way to bypass a single plugin I would have been much faster to find the plugin that was making trouble…

Nothing world-shaking of course :slight_smile:

Pardon me for stepping in way back here but this is exactly my issue - How do I “Bypass” Kontakt Instruments with Variations? All the other “Host Control” Elements respond and “Learn” a Midi Control but Bypass does not - is there a work-around?

First, don’t use MIDI for host control, use host automation.

You can then add a widget (typically an LED button) to a rackspace and associate it with the BYPASS parameter.

This is also described in detail near the bottom of the midi controller tutorial section of the user guide

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I don’t have Kontakt, but generally you could try to route the output(s) to a GP gain or mixer block… this would give you any options, and you surely could map these functions to widgets (which would work well in variations).


That’s not the same as bypassing the plug in - you would just be muting the output later. The plugin itself will still be running. It’s better to bypass the plugin directly as it also will save CPU cycles.
On the other hand, sometimes it makes more sense to bypass the MidiIn Block that’s connected to the synth plugin. That will also send NoteOff messages to the plugin and plugins that are well behaved will reduce their CPU usage automatically when they are not making sounds.

Really depends what you’re doing.

@dhj: OK, from that point of view, i totally agree with you.
When i first read the posting from keytarman, i thought that bypassing the plugin didn’t work for him - so i suggested something of which i thought, it could be a quick&dirty workaround for this (non existing) issue.
Good to see that everything is ok now. :+1:

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