Question on using RD-2000 as midi controlloer


I’ve been offered a very good deal on a Roland RD-2000. I’m thinking of getting mostly because I love the keybed action. I prefer my software VSTs to the onboard sounds, however.

Does anyone know if the onboard controls (e.g. sliders) can be used to send midi codes to a software VST or if they are only functional with Roland’s own onboard sounds? For some reason I’m having trouble digging this up in the documentation and I don’t want to assume that they will work OK.



It would be very surprising and unpopular to have a keyboard controller that doesn’t send MIDI for knobs/sliders. But I cannot confirm…

Hello Ezra, I heard that the RD-2000 was a very good midi controller, I had myself the rd-800 but it had less knobs and faders.
And it is a very good backup plan !
Go for it I think ;))

@ezraherman Yes, you can send out midi codes with keys, sliders, etc.
Here is the midi implementation chart: (20.6 KB)

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Isn’t life beautiful? :innocent:

I own a Roland RD-2000. It’s an excellent controller. I haven’t taken the time to utilize all the knobs and sliders yet.

The main reason I even asked was that I had heard that some people had unpleasant surprises when trying to use Nord keyboards as MIDI controllers. -Ezra

Although I don’t have the RD-2000, I considered purchasing it. One of the features that I liked is that the RD-2000 supports Audio over USB. Which means that it can be the Audio interface that GP uses. There is a video of how to integrate the RD-2000 with MainStage and you could use that video to illustrate how you might use the RD-2000 for both Audio and MIDI control with GP. So you can get the combination of Supernatural sounds of the RD-2000 and combine them with the world of plugin sounds available to be used within GP.

This has become quite the trend recently - some Yahama keyboards have this as well. It’s a great idea though I wonder how good those interfaces actually are compared to some of the standalone interfaces one can buy.

If you use an audio interface, be sure use the generic USB driver instead of the Vendor driver, or use a MIDI to USB cable.
Using the vendor driver, I got a very loud audio feedback. The manual states that the generic driver transmits MIDI only.

You most certainly won’t get audio over that cable :slight_smile:

I also am very interested in some testing on these inbuilt audio interfaces.

Interesting seeing this thread for me tonight. I have the Roland RD-2000, Integra-7, Komplete Kontrol 61 MK II, Native Instruments 12, and X-32 Rack Mixer. One thing that frustrates me when playing live is getting volume consistent with the knobs on the RD-2000, Integra-7, and then any VST sounds. Tonight I set the RD-2000 to be the audio input for GP. I feel like I just got a new rig! No longer does the volume knob on the Integra-7 matter. I can FINALLY use one of the 4 or 8 channel mixers in GP to control audio for the Integra-7 and any VST sounds. While it’s an easy enough concept to understand, this is blessing on stage! I can actually gain back 2 channels of my mixer. And now, if someone is mixing us using my iPad, then they just pull down the “Keyboards” slider and it handles everything consistently. So thankful that I happened to think to try this. I can now have consistent performance mixes between my sound sources. Hope my response maybe helps someone that might be in a similar situation. Love the RD-2000!

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I suspect that Roland uses the same set of audio silicon from their QuadCapture cards in the Integra Rack, RD2000 and their FP-6/7/8 which support Audio over USB. It is an option. I guess it would be the same as if you tried to use a stereo audio channel via USB within a rack mount mixer like the X32R or other as your keyboard interface to the main mixer. It might work but it could have limited lower latency performance as compared to some of the other USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt interfaces.