Question: how to get my main output 'level meters' back?

I have a question about the 1 and 2 buttons in the lower right of the main screen:


Until earlier, I got on the places of the 1 and 2 (output) buttons a level meter instead of a mute (or maybe it could be used to mute too).

Anyway, I really want those Left/Right level meters back to see if my sounds are clipping or not. I am not sure if they were actually level meters or green/yellow/red boxes (to show clipping).

Clicking them only results in muting the left/right channel and I cannot see anything in the Options/Display menu.

How can I restore the level meters?

There’s a small arrow in the bottom center of your screen. Click on it.

@jpt I know but that only increases the screen (and yes, I see a level meter).
But I swear I saw some colored green/yellow/red box (I think even a small meter) inside those little 1/2 boxes before.

I’m feeling a bit stupid.

It seems that the screen was not maximized and just a little bit clipped, in such a way the meters/boxes were not visible. Below is what I meant (see the green boxes). It’s actually better visible in the original screen shot than in my laptop screen.


Yes…you’re right. That’s the way I keep my screen. I just hadn’t seen it minimized like that.

Looking at your first image, it actually looks like you had something covering the bottom of the GP window

It is the statusbar of Windows … I thought the GP screen was maximized but it was not, where the bottom pixel lines where hidden under the status bar.

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