Question about the MIDI Helper Tool

Hello all,

I’m hoping someone can explain to me why I can select my MIDI Out ports as destinations for the MIDI Helper tool while in the “Song Part Properties” but not when I am using it as a block in the Wiring setup for a rackspace?

Well… MIDI data will be sent when you switch to this rackspace (containing this Block)

Thanks @keyman I understand that part. The problem is, on the screenshot that you provided, when I go to Edit the “Other MIDI messages to send” I cannot access my physical MIDI output ports from the dropdown (see my first screenshot). However, they are available when I do the same thing from the “Song Part Properties” screen (second screenshot). I would like to send multiple program changes to multiple devices via the first method through the wiring setup.

Focusing just on your last sentence, why not this way?
(duplicate your MIDI OUT Block)

Purely from a tidiness standpoint; if I could use one block to send 8 program changes to different destinations, I would prefer not to have 8 MIDI out blocks cluttering the setup.

How about stacking them on top of each other…?


In SetList Mode you can send out different Midi Messages to different MIDI Devices when a Song Part is activated:

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You have 8 external MIDI synths?

You could just drag them outside the main view so they’re not even visible

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So I’m taking all of this to mean it can’t be done in wiring mode as it can in setlist mode :joy:

Thanks all.

It might make sense to add this to rackspace variations at some point but right now it can’t be done through the UI

You could of course always use GPScript to do this but that may not be convenient for you. One of the main purposes of GPScript is to have ways to do things that aren’t available (yet) in GP through the UI

No worries…I’m loving this program. Where has it been all my life?


Well, it’s been around for the last four years of your life :slight_smile:

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Very good idea. :+1:

I made this Scriptlet for sending PC to hardware synth at each variation. But, you need to add one Scriptlet per synth plus the MIDI out block of the synth, so probably not better… :confused: