Question about integrating Gig Performer 3 and a DAW

I’m thinking about buying this and am unclear about one aspect of how it can be used in a recording workflow. I have no intention of using it in a live performance situation. The appeal of it to me is in how it’ll run native guitar/bass amp plugins with super low latency like my UA Apollo.

My question is this-

Let’s say you’re working on a guitar overdub in an already busy mix. By busy I mean lots of plugins but not a max’ed out CPU, there’s still enough juice for an amp or three but not enough juice available to set the buffer to 64 or 128 and record a bunch of guitar tracks.

With GP3 I could set up an amp, play and everything is fine (I guess, I haven’t actually tried it yet). Then it’s time to record. I want to record the CLEAN, UNEFFECTED guitar DI track into my DAW. I’m not looking to commit those tones at all. To get it to play back as it was inside of GP3, would I then have to DUPLICATE the same setup in my DAW?

This is pretty much how it works with the UA Apollo, which is what I use for this right now and it works very well but is laborious. It would be much easier if GP3 could also run as a plugin, then I could just call up my plugin chain in my mix without a hiccup. Is there a smoother way to pull this off than what I described?


If you have spare channels on your audio interface, then it’s trivial to route audio between your DAW and Gig Performer by using a few patch cables. Record your guitar directly into your DAW, route the track output to the port on your interface that is patched to a spare input, receive the audio with Gig Performer and eventually send it right back to your DAW via your audio interface.

If your audio interface does not have spare ports, then you can easily get the same results by using a virtual audio driver as described in this article.

This article was created at a point where I needed to do exactly what you’re asking. Worked beautifully,.