Q on publishing extensions on GitHub

I’ve copied the GP templates, looked through rank13’s published extensions, and opened one of my own repositories on GitHub. It’s at WidnerM/GP-SL-MK3: GigPerformer extension for the Novation SL MK3.

I think I understand how the “Release” thing works, but I don’t understand the “Codespaces” and build.yaml stuff. Is it supposed to build the binaries? I’ve set up a prebuild configuration for the master branch but it’s showing the message “Prebuilds are currently disabled because you’ve reached your included Codespaces uses for this period…”

I follow the links into the Billing setup, I’m set up for the free account, but I seem to be going in circles after that.

Should I expect GitHub to manage those binary builds, or should I just get somebody else to build the Mac versions and upload them?

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I believe that @simon and @rank13 will have right answers :slight_smile:

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I don’t use codespaces nor did I have to set up any billing - everything has been working under my free account.

The ‘Actions’ tab in GitHub are where the binaries are built (based on the details in build.yaml).
The key learning for me is that the builds do not work while your repository is Private. So after making it Public, publish/sync a change, and then you should see a workflow start in the Actions tab. If it’s successful, you’ll get a download that includes the Mac and Windows builds:

I then download this, rename the files, zip them individually, and re-upload them when I do a Release.

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edited: wasn’t working before due to some user errors, but I think I have it working. Thanks.

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