Pure Data vs MAX/MSP

They both share a common origin, but does somebody knows the difference between the current versions of Pure Data and MAX/MSP? (What should be prefered when not focusing on the price?)

By the way, I have an issue with the version of Pure Data downloaded from here:
My anti-virus warned me that Pure Data is infected by IPD.generic. Is this a real virus warning?

I know the difference deeply and unless you have zero money or you MUST be on a Linux box, I would strongly urge you to go with Max/MSP. I’ve been using it for 20 years (almost since it originally came on the market) and it is a terrific programming environment.

The reason Gig Performer has OSC support was because I originally needed to be able to drive Gig Performer from MaxMSP for my shows, before GP Script became available with sufficient functionality to replace it. So you can drive GP from Max and do all sorts of crazy things.

It’s much easier to learn because there’s a ton of documentation about it…the Pure Data environment is community supported, hacky and frankly very unpleasant to work with compared to Max.