PSPaudioware 2445

Anybody using this plugin with GP on Windows?

Is it this:

Yes, that’s the plugin

Seen long time ago:

“For next 3 days only, we’re offering our virtual incarnation of the legendary EMT 244 and EMT 245 reverbs: PSP 2445 at almost 70% discount for $49 only! As a registered user of our other effects plug-ins you can get them at an even better price. To see your final price for them: log into your user account, go to the store and put the chosen plug-in into your cart. Starting from Wednesday (May 24, 2018) the regular price $149 will be applied. (* all prices include taxes).”

And the price went down to $29 in July.

Perhaps it is worth testing the 30-day trial version and waiting for a discount offer (hoping there will be one soon) ?

I follow this up for a year already :grimacing:

No worries. We had a report that it wasn’t being recognized by GP but apparently the latest version works fine