PSP L'otary2 on Sale

Only 20 $

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Is it any good?

Is it significantly better than the built in Leslie of Blue?

I’m curious also. Do you like it better than Spin or the Leslie in Acoustic Samples B5 v2?

I just purchased a license… i will see/hear tomorrow what i’ve bought right now.
But i think it was a good catch for that price.

It has character and options to tweak and it uses CPU.
I personally like the IK Multimedia Leslie most, but it uses most CPU of all Leslie Sims I know.

The Blue3 Leslie is a good compromise of CPU-usage and sound.

But if you want the “real” sound (whatever it is) then PSP or IK Multimedia or Melda MRotary is the better choice.
On the other side the Blue3 Leslie always comes through in the context of a band.
The others you have sometimes to EQ.

Thank you, I grabbed it and the SpringBox. For L’otary I like to use it as a parallel effect with my guitar amp cab. It just seemed to sit perfectly as a parallel effect with very little tweaking. While Spin was a lot harder to blend nicely.

Yeah, I also do the same Gilmour thing of having a rotary in parallel to my main amp (S-Gear usually). I’ve been using Spin and found it not bad but so far this one sounds much better. I don’t know yet about it cutting through live but on headphones and through stereo FSFR speakers at home it’s doing the trick for me very nicely.

I think I’ll be making use of the speed handle as well (it changes the speed of the horn and the drum at the same time) - something not found on other plugins AFAIK. I’ll connect that to a footpedal later on and give it a try.

SK Note are supposed to be launching a plugin for the RA200 which Ip hope is good. I quite like the RA200 in Spin.

@rank13 What is SpringBox like…?

Yeah, really liking it. Like L’otary, it sounded great immediately with very little tweaking. I’m usually splitting S-Gear so I can run it between amp+cab, but with the stereo ‘Spread’ control it’s also awesome after the cab.

Sale Price in my store is showing $96.50, maybe I was too late or don’t own enough of their plugins to get the discount?

Seems you missed the time frame where it was on sale

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I hate these temporary discounts. You just lower the value of the product, you piss off anyone who paid full price before the discount and you piss off everyone who missed the sale.

Sometimes when I miss such a discount (for example Zynaptiq) I contact them and with a little luck I get a voucher, so I get the discount.
Why not try to contact PSP?

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Oh, I don’t want it – I was just commenting on the trend of really absurd discounts which, in my opinion, just completely lowers the value of the product. How does a product have a value of $96 if you’re willing to sell it sometimes for less than 1/4 of that.

I get you.
Waves does the same.
And I do not like that.

Yes, Waves is the biggest culprit in that domain.

Yes, and I am not sure if some of their plugins is “Snake Oil”

I predict that Waves will eventually release a plugin called Placebo.


Anyone tried the t racks Leslie plug in ?

Yes, it is the best sounding, but CPU demanding also!