Program changes (MSB, LSB) when changing variations


Trying to send program changes to my Yamaha MODX when changing variations. It works only with ‘simple’ program change:

But I need to change bank and also page (live set) and it doesn’t work:

I can do it when I switch rackspaces, but I need this functionality with variations.

What am I missing?


You are using the parameter “Send PC message on Activate” which is simply a toggle to send or not send the parameters you configured in the MIDI Out block.

If you are using GP3 and songs/setlists you can now send any kind of a MIDI message out for any song part. If not - you have two options.

  1. Instead of connecting your widgets to a MIDI OUT block - create a new MIDI IN block just for the purposes of sending the PC messages out, but block all incoming channels so you don’t accidentally send notes and other incoming midi data.


  1. Connect your widgets to this MID IN block CC0, CC32 and PC parameter


  1. Connect the MIDI IN block to MIDI OUT block.


That should work now.

Alternative #2 - Use GP Script and do whatever you like with MSB/LSB, PC messages under any conditions you want.

Hope this helps.


@djogon, thank you! :ok_hand: