Program Change option not working thru GP4 to Change IKMultimedia BX-3 Presets

Hello GP support,
Got a puzzler,
IKMultimedia’s Hammond B3-X plugin program change feature not working thru Gig Performer 4 from a DMC-122 yet it works fine when connected via the B3-X stand alone app.

The manual for the Hammond plugin lists the directions for setup below.

(Here you will see a list of the MIDI Program Change numbers from 0 to 127 in the left column. The next column lets you assign any of the Hammond B-3X presets to a MIDI Program Change number so that when the instrument receives that PC change message, the assigned preset will automatically load. Click a cell in the second column to view the list of all the available presets, then simply click one of those presets to assign it to the MIDI Program Change number. To remove the assignment, click the Trash Can icon at the left of the cell.
Note that MIDI Program Change assignments are necessarily stored globally for the instrument and not stored with the preset.)

The DMC-122 Editor’s Midi monitor shows the data below:
Log start:
4386 Controller CH:3. CC Num: 0 Value: 0
4387 Controller. CH:3 CC Num: 32. Value: 0
4388 Prog Change. CH: 3. PC. Num: 2

When program change is set to Midi Channel 3 on BX-3 after assigning the first 3 patches in BX-3 from the DMC-122 buttons programmed to send Program Change on midi cha 3 to the first 3 patches I defined in BX-3 it work perfectly from the stand alone BX-3 app but not from Gig Performer 4. The Midi Monitor from my GMC-122 in GP 4 does not show a program change command was ever issued.

Program change in GP controls the Rack space choice right, so is this why I can’t even see the midi info for Program Change from my DMC-122 in the GP Midi monitor.

It does look like BX-3 will allow any of the 16 midi channels to control Program Change so is there a specific Midi channel I could try to do this or is Program Change blocked from getting from a Midi controller to a plugin?

Is there another way to configure this?

Thank You

Hi @foster.jazz, there are a few things you could start to check after reading this blog article:

Please, tell us if it works for you.

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How looks your Options Window for Program Change Control?

Thanks Pianopaul. I found the way to enable it however it started changing my race space intermittently so I had to disable it until I find out why.
If the gig file only had one one backspace then it worked fine.
I am still trying to find out why the DMC-122 controller is wanting to change both the plugin preset and the backspace.
At this point it’s not a priority as I started a new primary gig file recently.

Thanks for posting that info David-san as I mentioned to Pianopaul I started a new Gig file so I am hoping with less things to go wrong I can find the answer for the occasion intermittent Rackspace change with the DMC-122.

Ok if I am understanding your situation correctly, the answer is generally to not send PC messages to the plug in to change presets and to instead create a new rack space(s) with the preset(s) you want and just use rackspaces to change your presets.

That doesn’t particularly work for me, and I do send PCs to plugins in GP, including B3-X. As I’m sure you understand, you need to check “pass unused PC messages”. …which means that PCs will first go to whatever rackspaces you are using (and not to B3-X). So if you are only using 1 rackspace, PC1 will go only to rackspace 1 as a PC and all higher PCs will pass. So you just need to be sure your rackspace PC numbers are different from your PC numbers for your presets in B-3X

Thank you LilyM.
I apologize for not responding back sooner on this, It hadn’t occurred to me at the time to use program Change number were higher than the actual rack spaces I had in my gig file.