Problems with Roland cloud

Hi everybody,

i have a short question, but unfortunately no log file :frowning: Sorry for that.

Me and a buddy both had the following problem: The Roland cloud was no longer licensed. Gig Performer loaded normally, but then there was a crash during or after saving.
Tested a few times.
At home we had a license again, no more problems. Has anyone had this before? Is GP that sensitive?

Next time I will save the log file.

Thank you!

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Sensitive to what? A plugin can do whatever it wants and if it decides to kill the host (perhaps because it’s not licensed), there’s nothing we can do about it.

If you’re going to use unlicensed software, I think all bets are off as whoever controls the plugin can do whatever they want.

Thank you for your feedback,
It’s a shame that nothing can be done. Unfortunately, I really like the XV5080… but Roland’s solution is just stupid…

You will find many of use here in the forum who love the sound of the Roland plugins but simply can’t rely on it working all the time due to the “call home” licensing scenario. There are lots of sounds from Zenology Pro I’d love to use live, but actually use a Fantom 07 as one of my controllers instead so that I can still access the Zenology sound engine without the licensing issues of the plugin.

I seem to recall that @kbmatson does successfully use Roland Cloud plugins live, though.

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I still use some Roland plugins, but i cancelled my subscription recently, there were too many hickups with those plugins, also it’s quite expensive over the time. I think i will resample the most essential sounds and use Kontakt or DecentSampler.

I have a life time key for the xv5080 …

But it’s a good idea to sample the sounds :slight_smile:

Should be an easy task with GP’s autosampler function! :sunglasses:


Absolutely. I used it for some Kronos sounds :slight_smile: so easy and fast.