Problems GP 3.6.1

i haven’t turned on my setup in about a half year due to an injury, when i did, windows needed a bunch of updates, which i did, then updated GP3 to latest, here’s what’s happening…l
before when i switched presets it would switch nice and quick, now, the old sound keeps playing and slowly fades out, then it switches over, also, expression pedal works smetimes, sometimes not, also midi pitch bend coming from MIDI GUitar 2 works sometimes, sometimes not, am i missing something?

Did you try to reinstall your vst plugins?

hell no, if i have to go thru all that, i’ll jump to mac, never had any of these update headaches on macs, the vi’s work fine once they work

most of the problems are with Sample Modeling and SWAM, Any one try out Kontakt 6 yet, is that a free update if you own 5?

also, the drawbars on all my Organ VI’s aren’t working

Is it possible your MIDI device names changed? If you’re not using the Rig Manager as the go between for physical MIDI devices and your Midi In Blocks and widgets, then that could be a problem.

well, found the problem with switching between with fade outs, they were saxes, had patch persist with fades on, turned it off and fixed, the last time i used GP rig manager didn’t exist yet, i don’t even know what it is or does :confused:

In the online manual the Rig Manager is explained very well.
You definitely should use that.

I know you mentioned that you hadn’t used GP for half a year (and hope you’re feeling better, btw). The Rig Manager was introduced in GP 2.0, two years ago.

I tried to use rig manager last night, got nowhere, My set up is different though, I just have a guitar going in to the computer and getting converted to MIDI by MIDI guitar 2, I have no pads or keys or switches

I suppose I can use it for expression pedal stuff and system exclusive, But the load times for each patch are really slow compared to GP2

Then something else going on in your system. Given all the updates you’ve done, could be lots of things, plugins trying to connect to their motherships, AV interfering with network or interfering with file loading, etc

In fact, particularly on Windows, once you have loaded an old gig and saved it again (not in legacy mode), it will load way faster due to some optimization we did.

I run in airplane mode, no WIFI, i’ve saved a new version, no better load times thu, it takes a second or three ti load patches, but before 1/2,sec at most

How is predictive load set?

I’ve tried it with and without, not much difference if any

Additionally, when i switch patches to any of the Sample modeling saxes, i send an instant cc message so they get velocity turned up, other wise i have to toggle the expression pedal or there’s no sound, well, this used to work, but now GP is busy trying to load patches and the cc message is ignored, or doesn’t get thru because of the delay, so i have to hit the expression pedal now anyways

How to you send the cc message?

Line 6 helix, for cc messages and note on/ offs

Yes, i’ve installed the latest helix drivers

Did you try on the same machine with Gigperformer v2?