Problem with UVI Workstation

Is anyone using the free UVI Workstation, possibly with Acoustic Samples B5 on Windows 10?

One user has reported a problem validating the UVI Workstation and we’re trying to determine what’s going on. The error from validation is very odd, seemingly related to iLok (see attached)

I have the UVI Workstation (V3.0.5 x64) running on WIN 10 (1903) with no problems, but i don’t own the B5, so the issue might be caused by this…
Is there a trial version of the B5? I couldn’t find one…

They’re looking for the Acoustic Samples B5 demo. Not sure there is one.

yeah no demo for B5

THe validation is failing for UVI itself, before the B5 is involved, as far as I know

I just instantiated UVI Workstation (Win10 Home) in a blank gig file, brought up an upright, and played it no problem.

Latest UVI Workstation. Latest Win10 Home.

Did you a fresh scan in Plugin Window before?
The problem is not the usage, the problem is the scan.
So you have to delete UVI from the List in the Plugin Window and rescan.

No, the problem is that the UVI DLL is reporting an error and the scan itself is failing. We think it has something to do with iLok

Sorry, I meant that the scan process gets an error from UVI.

I’m using it with the Plugsound Pro VST. When they converted it so that it would work without the iLoc dongle, I had to contact support as it wasn’t working, and they had me download an updated version of the VST. Then it all worked fine. Could that be the problem?

Yes - I use UVI Workstation with several of their synth/piano ‘plugins’ and also Acoustic Samples B5-Organ (on WIndows). Although I have not used the B5 for some time - I don’t recall any problems. In fact I have never had a problems with UVI workstation in any way. They now have a a system called UVIPORTAL which you can download - and it keeps things up to date. It might be worth trying that to check there are no probems. Note: I use iLOK…

Also worth checking that it works standalaone (i.e. outside GP)?

It is working standalone…that is partly why this is bizarre

I use this combo all the time for the last two years and have never had a problem.

This problem has been resolved — turns out the problem was due to buggy code in a recent release of iLok’s SDK, which UVI uses. The problem was apparently impacting Cubase users as well.

So if anyone else runs into this issue with UVI (or any other plugin that uses iLok) contact iLok or the developer of your plugin to get the appropriate update.

My thanks to the UVI support team for their help in resolving this issue.