Problem with the IAC Driver in Ableton

Hi, I have a problem when I set the Iac driver for creating a stopped track and then have one low note in order to stop the session the problem is that whenever the Gig performer is on this note that I programmed to stop the session is actually played a low note in Gig performer. how can I separate those two tasks? I need 1 note to stop the Ableton session with is going to ch 1 and another 1 for change the program (sound) in the Gig performer to Ableton

I am lost, what is a stopped track?
And how should the IAC driver create that?

Which version of Ableton Live are you using?

11.2 a stopped track is simply a midi clip that I create one note and can assign it to do whatever I want in my case, for example, I set the note c-2 to be trigger stop action meaning the Ableton will stop automatically after the note c-2 is pressed. my problem is that I hear c-2 play for example piano sound from Gig Performer and I want to make it somehow separate so that I have 1 IAC driver that changes the program (variations and Rackspace) and another one to control different parameters in Ableton. Is there an option to send Rackspace and variations to different channels and not only 1 ?

Is the note coming from your keyboard, or from the Ableton clip? If it’s from Ableton, are you using the OMNI midi in block in GP?

There are multiple ways to control what midi channels are passed from GP’s midi in block to plugins.

yes I am using omni and the problem is now solved but it creates a different problem… now when I mute channel 1 for example and turn on only channel 2 I can not hear sound from gig performance. how can I hear the instrument that I change to be on channel 2?

never mind the problem solved that you :slight_smile:

Please share the solution so others may benefit from your experience