Problem with SWAM Saxophone

Love SWAM sax, but have an issue where the “Expression” parameter on the Sax instrument gets reset to the middle low end somewhere (I want it always fully up/open) when the Rackspace/song loads. This happens whether I have anything mapped to it or not, whether I filter out expression control or not, and regardless of where the setting is set and saved in the instrument itself. In fact - the instrument even shows it fully up, but it isn’t! I have to do something to push it back up every time. I have tried mapping a widget (button) to it which works to turn it on/off (up or down) and have it default to 100 (all the way up) and even “reset on rackspace activation” - but no luck. I have to go to the rackspace and then use pedal, button, or mouse in the instrument itself to “wiggle” it just a bit to get it to be on fully. Any ideas? This is Tenor Sax 3 if that makes any difference. This has bit me several times live now and I need to fix it!

Use a script to set the value of the mapped widget and then to a different value.
Seems swam reacts on some incoming movement ofbthe expression to check of a used controller is working.

I haven’t done any scripting yet, so I guess maybe now would be a good time to start. I’m assuming there’s a reference manual and some samples somewhere. I guess I’ll start looking.

Please upload a rackspace with SWAM.

A script like this helps

   KNOB : Widget

// Called when rackspace is activated
On Activate

And here some documentation for scripting


Thanks! Works perfectly! And now I am a scripter LOL!