Problem with Steinberg VST’s


I’m trying to use Steinberg’s Symphonic Orchestra with Gig Performer. I followed all of Steinberg’s procedures regarding the downloading of the VST’s. When trying to incorporate them into gig performer,

In the connections view, Steinberg and HALion Symphonic Orchestra (AudioUnit) are listed but when I go to load I get the error message that the audio files are missing check installation.

I’m using a MacBook Pro, the files are located in a folder entitled HALion Symphonic Orchestra, found in the users folder.

Do I need to place the files in a different folder/location?



Something I just noticed…

While the sounds in the HALion Symphonic Orchestra folder are VST Sound File format, I am not given the vst option in Gig Performer. It only says AudioUnit.

Is the something additional that I’m not doing?

What folders did you set to scan your VST plugins?
Press the Button Manage… in Plugin Window
=> Set VST folders for scanning

Thanks Paul!


Did that solve the problem?