Problem with receiving Midi-PC to select Songs

I try to use SetListMaker (the single user version of BandHelper) to select songs from a setlist within GP. So far I’m able to send the required Midi-PC from SetListMaker but it will not select any Song within the Setlist … no changes to the selected song.

Within the Global Midi Monitor from GP I can see the MidiMsg send by SetListMaker (incl CC0 Bank Select / CC32 Bank Select (fine) and Program Change 1 Channel 2).

Within the Midi Monitor at the Global Rackspace as well as in the Piano Rackspace I receive only the Bank select but no Program Change (CC0 Bank Select / CC32 Bank Select (fine) and no Program Change).

I assume that I’m missing a simple klick in one of the options menus to enable the song selection via Program Changes within the setlist … but I cannot find it.

MidiMsg as seen within the MidiMonitor:

I have also tried to follow all the recommendation found in the forum the required GP and SetListMaker setup:

but without success. :unamused:

Any hint is highly wellcome

can you change SetList Maker so it sends on Channel 1, now it is sending on Channel 2,
Maybe that helps.

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have changed SetListMaker Midi Channel to Channel 1 … did not help … no song selection

OK, can you upload a small gig, I could check it?

GE TestGig 01 - SetListMaker.gig (125.2 KB)

One item I do not understand is that within SetListMaker you can check the active MidiPorts: I see the keyboard but not Gigperformer in the list – but the MidiMonitor within GigPerformer shows MidiMsg from SetListMaker ??? But you can select GigPerformer when you prepare a MidiPreset and I have enabled GigPerformer as MidiDevice (see my picture in the initial post???

When you want PC message to select your Song Parts then you must tell GP :wink:

You did not assign a PC number to the song parts.

OHHHHK. ?! I tried to select the songs only and thought the PC numbers from the used rackspaces / variations will be used to select the song via PC change.

So the idea was to send a PC to select a song from the setlist
(that’s what I tried with this first version)
and to use the GP option to assign PC numbers to song parts to select an individual part of the song in a later version.

Do i understand it correct that it is only possible to select song part and not to select a song from a setlist via Program Change ??

Selecting a Song Part automatically selects the correct Song.
So yes the truth is: WIth MIDI you select a Song Part and and a Song.

It is the same with rackspaces: With MDI you select Rackspace variations and not Rackspaces.

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thanks ONE step forward … I can now select song parts via PC# but I’m not able to select another song - even if the song parts have different PC#.

I thought I can assign an identification number (PC# oder Bank / PC#) to a song / song part within GP and store this number within the SetListMaker (as MidiPreset).
Selecting a song from the setlist inside SetListMaker will then send the identification number (Bank/PC#) to GP to jump to the selected song within the GP setlist.
So independent from the used song order you can select a song via SetListMaker as long as the song is in the GP set-List.

May be it is a “stupid” idea or … ?

You don’t have to explicitly set a PC number the first part is the PC number of the song. So Studio Grand Only - Intro is PC 1, Electric Grand PC 2. You can assign a specific PC number to a song or use the default numbering. Depends on the direction you want to use. If you use the default number assigned when you created the song you would set that in SongListMaker, if you set a number in SongListMaker you would then need to override the GP default with the setting shown above to what is in SongListMaker.

Under Global Midi settings if you don’t have Accept Program Change from any Device selected you need to make sure you SongList device is among the selected devices.


To clarify, you can set a PC number of each song part but if you don’t then the first song part PC number is the song number. If you override the PC number of the first part that becomes the song number. So basically the number next to the song name is the PC number of the first part. If you override other song parts the number next to the song becomes an asterisk to indicate the song has multiple PC number assigned.

I used your gig and assigned PC 1-6 to the Song Parts
As soon as I send PC4 the 2nd song and 1st part is selected.

So I See no issue.

Thanks !!! Thanks !!
… for all the support and recommendation.

Looks like I need to spend a few hours (tomorrow) to think through all the infos and to test it.

Thanks again for your support

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