Problem with Kontakt 7 celli instrument

This is a duplicate of a post I just submitted to the NI forums

I was playing with the Celli in a track in Logic Pro and couldn’t understand why it sounded wrong every time I reloaded the song into Logic Pro. Turns out that the value of that Dynamics field is not being saved as part of the plugin state. I tested with Gig Performer as well (I’m one of the GP developers) and it failed there as well, so neither the AU nor the VST3 version works properly.

Any chance of an update to fix this?


Kontakt 7 was updated on 10 Jan to v7.1.5, but this situation was not listed in the changes. Is this the version that’s failing?

Don’t know — I updated everything last week but didn’t check again yesterday - will check for a new update today

Just applied that new update but this issue is not resolved.

NI has been updating Kontakt 7 regularly, so let’s hope they get this issue resolved.

Well, I stil, have t really figured out what’s different from Kontakt 6 and even from Kontakt 5

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I was really hoping that version 7 would be a bigger update to the UI but it seems it’s too complex to make major changes to aside from Apple Silicon compatibility and some small bug fixes (unfortunately not your bug)

If you’re interested, they have some beta versions available via their testing platform. You may get a better response there if the bug hasn’t been fixed in the latest beta

I can reproduce and I think this is general by design.
The dynamics is controlled by the Modulation Wheel and the Modulation Wheel cannot be HOST automated.
So a workaround would be a widget which sends CC 1 to Kontakt.
Not nice, but a workaround.


Thanks…it never even occurred to me that that UI slider was just Mod Wheel controlled

So much for ease of discovery😀


That should be NI’s moto for Kontakt’s UI :rofl:

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Well, I was kinda referring to something else that people were recently complain about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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