Problem with Fender Mustang Guitar midi controller and Pedal Steel VST

I have the fender mustang midi guitar from rockband. I’m using the pedal steel vst library from the company impact sound works Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel for Kontakt (VST, AU, AAX)

On the pedal steel vst, when you want to make a glide sound you press a note on your midi controller and when you press the next note, you heard the glide sound. To do this on the midi technical side what occurs is that the pedal vst receive a midi note on command to generate the midi note, and when you press the other midi note the last one generate a midi note off and then next one produce the midi note on command.

The problem that I had with my fender mustang guitar midi controller is that when I press the note it generate the midi note on command, but when I press the next note on the same guitar string, don’t generate the note off command of the last midi note pressed to generate the glide effect.

Other inverse effect, which I don’t like is when I press the note on one string and then press the note on the other string, the glide effect occurred because its generate the midi note off command on the last string I played and then it generate the midi note on command on the next string I played, which I don’t like because I like to play those notes like a regular notes (arpeggio).

What I had to do? Write a script? Use scripplet? or some filter midi blocks?

Thanks for your help