Problem using Touch OSC with 'Link'

I have setup Touch OSC to control a few functions in my first instance of GP and am using the link function to synchronise tempo to my other instances. However, switching link on causes a constant data stream to be reported on Touch OSC and makes it sluggish to respond (this stops if I turn link of again). Mostly it’s not a huge issue, except for the ‘tap tempo’ and ‘start play’ buttons I’ve setup, which means the tap tempo isn’t really accurate enough and I can’t start the metronome at the right time…

Any Ideas what is going on here? Have I made a feedback loop somehow?

I am not (yet) a link user, but it guess it is not supposed to send OSC messages, so how could Touch OSC (that I also don’t use :grimacing:) report “constant data stream) when link is active?

It is true that if your (WiFi?) connection between GP computer and you Touch OSC device is fragile, UDP message can be lost, how “sluggish” does Touch OSC become? Is it in both direction?

GP is very reactive to OSC messages. I use it to control my RME audio interface which sends bursts of OSC messages all the time.

Do you have a chance to test with Lemur? Or perhaps, at first, with another GP instance on a distant computer on the same network?

But, basically there should not be a problem to use link and OSC at the same time. I know that, e.g. @pianopaul on this community forum, does this all the time using Ableton Live.


can you upload a small gig where the issue occurs, so I. could check the issue with LINK and TouchOSC?

Any chance to use an OSC Monitor to log the OSC messages sent when LINK is active?

Thanks for the replies.

As I’m pretty new to this, It’s entirely possible that I’ve messed something up along the way!!

I have attached the gigs that I see this happening with and a link to a video showing the behaviour.

I don’t have Lemur and I tried to use Hexlers Protokol OSC/Midi monitor, but didn’t get very far with that yet.

Its worth noting that, whilst clearly the data flow stops and starts when link is disabled then re enabled. The laggy…ness exists with link on before this is apparent on Touch OSC.

Also the lag disappears completely when using only the 1st instance of GP with no link… (or all 4 instances with no link, but then I can’t tempo sync them).

KeysMaster.gig (55.7 KB) KeysSlave1.gig (1.7 MB) KeysSlave2.gig (312.0 KB) KeysSlave3.gig (308.2 KB)

Can you upload the TouchOSC template?

I did a simple test case with 2 instances of Gig Performer.
Seems when LINK is enabled in the 2 instances and “/Tap” is sent to the 1st instance
many OSC messages are generated.

“/Tap” sent only 1 instance and LINK active

“/Tap” sent 2 instances and LINK active

Looks like this is a bug and we’ll address it in a future update.

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Ah ok, I’m glad you could reproduce it (and that I don’t need to feel too bad about my programming skills!). I guess I have to leave it here for now then, so thanks for helping to identify it.

Ok, Its a ‘nice to have’ for me for now so no problem…

Loving my first couple of adventures in GP so far. Great work.

Btw. I have also been using it in my broadcast engineering day job as a problem solver and no fuss recorder. I know this is a pretty specialised, but I can see it being a very useful (and crucially stable enough) tool to me in that area too. Thanks again.


Oh Sorry, Yes here it is