Problem to Control Hardware

Hi community,
I have two questions.
1.) I tried a lot to control the local on/of of my Ultranova but always failed. With my Korg 01W/Pro I can do this. Does anybody know, whether this is possible at all and if yes, what did I wrong?
2.) Because I failed with the first issue, I tried to control the volume of the Ultranova by a Roland EV5 pedal. Unfortunately, I got only an on/off switching behavior. What did I wrong?
Thank you for your help

I went through these type of headaches when I started to set up my Casio CTK-7200 as a controller.

I didn’t think I could control Local On off via midi. On one of my keyboards (PX350), I just turn the master volume knob all the way down when I want to use it as a controller.

With my other Casio (CTK-7200), I found a way to create a sound that did not generate any sound and I always use that “sound/patch” when I want to use the keyboard as a controller. Actually that sound is in a what Casio calls a “Registration”. So I use the lower layer, which uses midi channel 3, whenever I want to use that as a controller keyboard.

With that foot pedal, isn’t it preferable to just turn the (internal) volume all the way off if you want to use the keyboard as a controller?

[Sorry if none of this is helpful].

Just switch local control to OFF in your novation, then create every needed connection between hardware & software within Gig Performer. This should be easily done!
The issue with your pedal might be a wrong polarity. When i switch the polarity on my pedal i only get CC#11 values from 55 to 127 and the effectively usable pedal range is very short and the eaction is quite “jumpy”!

I think that’s what he doesn’t succeed to do…

Then he should have a look at page 37 in the manual of his keyboard:

… doesn’t look like rocket science to me, even if don’t own that keyboard.

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Oh, but if you read the manual, with regard to @KasperKey, it becomes quite unfair! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When I was still using some synths with GP (in the early days) I just routed their audio back into GP and then I could trivially and automatically mute when I didn’t need sound from them.

Yep, that’s the optimal way.

I just got used to having my little Audiobox Go interface (limited ports) sitting on my lower keyboard. So, I stuck with not having hardware keys audio running into GP.

Thank you jeffn1, I use the “patch 0”-way with my Nord keyboards but it steals you one place of your preset storage. Therefore, I thought to switch the keyboard off by a midi message from GP. The best way would be, to do it with the local on/off (cc# 122, I also tried cc#120), which works with my Korg but not with the Ultranova (I haven´t tried this with the Nords yet). The second choice was to turn off the volume by midi (cc# 7 or cc#11) which results in these on/off-effects. Of course, I could do this by setting the volume for each songpart seperately but I thought to use it for a swell too, which should work by the pedal. I mapped the physical pedal to the pedal widget and to a knob because I thought the effect was due to the setting of the widget but I failed! …? Thanks again.

Thank you shamass, yes this was the first I tried and it works but it is a bit tricky to switch to the next songpart and then controlling the UN by hands I urgently need for the operation of the keys. It will take me a few seconds and my performance will end after the ones of the rest of the band. And, by the way, it would sound awfully :-). Concerning the pedal issue, I changed the polarity of the pedal at the input at my Arturia Keylab 88 but I got the same effect but in the reverse way as I expected. I was aware of the cc11 “half onctrol” therefore, I first tried to control the volume by cc7. Everything failed. There is another point I have also considered. The pedal can be calibrated to a distinct range. I have taken the full range but always on/off behavior! Thanks again.

Thank you dhj, I think, there is no need to do this because the volume setting can be done by the settings of the songparts. With the local on/off, I wuld have a better feeling that nothing weird would happen. Thank you.

Sorry, but i don’t understand what is the actual issue here.
Switch the local controll of, keep it like that, and then just (in Gig Performer) connect the MIDI-IN block of the Novation with the MIDI-OUT block of the Novation and there you have the same “local” control again, like it was when you had switched it ON on your hardware controller. But you can then control this connection at will and very easily (within Gig Performer)… also possible on a song part basis, or via a pedal or…

In my opinion, this would be the easiest but also most flexible way to deal with that!
Maybe there would also be a possibility to force the Novataion to switch local ON/OFF by sending cryptic SysEx messages to it, but why would one want to go the complex way when there is an easy one?
As is said above: I don’t understand the problem.

Thank you again, obviously I haven´t caught your solution. I am gonna try it.

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We had a very similar case in this thread:

My solution is just this direct connection between MIDI-IN and MIDI-OUT block.

If you’d bypass the midi out block (i.e. with a widget) then the Novation wouldn’t receive its own MIDI-signals anymore and therefore would play no sound, while a plugin which is connected to the MIDI-IN block would receive the MIDI and would play.
Un-Bypassing the MIDI-OUT but bypassing the VST-plugin would make the Novation play sound and the plugin be quiet. This could also be combined with a mixer block or MIDI-filters… endless possibilities (within Gig Performer!).

Shamass, that makes sense. Maybe I’ll try that with my PX350 instead of turning down the master volume when I am not using the internal sounds (i already jerry-rigged my CTK-7200 to accomplish this, so I do not have to turn down the master volume)

(Also too bad the CTK-7200 does not accept outside program changes through GP --it only uses them internally in its sequencer-- but thats another issue).

Sorry that I have not answered since your reply. This is the obvious solution and it works well! I was totally fixed to the hardware machine! Thank you