Problem during a gig (saturation)

Hello there,
Recently I brought Gig Performer on stage in France, before the lockdown !
I just used it for a piano sound in Keyscape.
I don’t really know what happened…
My mistake was maybe to let everything on my personnal session (with all my mess, apps, folders etc.).
I didn’t restart the computer for a while, and I let the GP session opened for maybe 4 hours before the gig.
Anyway, what happened is very weird :
During a song, little by little, the sound became saturated. At first it was almost ok but then it was unplayable, and this happened in a duo with a violin :cry:
After this I just changed the rack and came back to the same and…it did the job.

Have you heard of this ?
I think I must have done something wrong, maybe what I was saying up there…

Thank you !

PS : hopefully I think people thought that was due to the sound engineer ! lol

Tell us a little bit more about your system please. (OS? Audio interface? GP version? Such things…)
There were strange effects i already encountered on WIN10 with my old interface (UR22Mk2), mainly related to some ominous Windows updates…

The only VST you had in the Rackspace was the Keyscape C7 piano without any GP script? No other app using your audio interface at the same time?

Mac os 10.14.3, an old UR22 (not MKII), Gig Performer 3.6.1, 16gb ram, 512 SSD.

Only C7 piano and a rhodes in another rackspace, no script, no other app at the same time.

What a coincidence :thinking:

Is it the first time that something like that happens? Never heard it before? Did it happen again?

I’ve had some problems ! With Mainstage I had cracks and pops… That’s why i switched to Gig performer :slight_smile:
Maybe i should also buy a better Audio Interface or this :

I didn’t have any gigs or else because…We are in quarantine now !! I had 15 gigs cancelled…for now !

You should have a look at this free PDF guide:

Regarding your audio interface have a look here: Problems with Steinberg UR22-MkII

It ended up with a MOTU M2.

And finally, if you are giging a lot professionally, I can only recommend you to have a look at RME (FIreFace UCX or eventually BabyFace Pro). It is not the same price, but the hardware and drivers are at the top.

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And so did i… rock solid so far!
I instantly fell in love with those VU-meters in the front display, alone this feature is almost worth the money.

Yes, it looks cute :+1:

The Steinberg UR22C is working fine for me on Windows 10 and GP 3.6.1. I upgraded from a Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2. I needed MIDI In/Out connectivity and liked the USB 3.1 support.