Probabilistic Sound Designer for future updates

Hello! This is my first time posting a topic in this thread. I am a Gig Performer user since version 3 and I really like it so much whether I am in my home studio and in live performance in our church.
What I really like about Gig Performer is the probabilistic sound designer which I can randomize my synth and keyboard for easy sound patching. Lately, I’ve been playing guitar using the amp sim called Destructor by BlueCat Audio. What I really like about this plugin is the tone map. With this, you can easily find your desired tone by dragging the pointer across the tone map with a bunch of preset inside it. I came up with only one rackspace with a bunch of guitar variation including clean tones, crunch, high gain, and more with only this plugin.
What I am trying to say is how about in the future updates of Gig Performer, is to have a probabilistic designer that is the same concept on the Destructor tone map, how’s that sound?
Anyways, I’ve been thankful to be part on this community. Have a great day…