Presonus Quantum Interface


I am looking to purchase a Presonus Quantum interface. I understand that the interface requires external software to monitor.

I use Gig Performer as my laboratory and the DAW for construction. I am wondering if Gig Performer can be used as an alternative to a DAW for routing and monitoring using the Quantum. The excellent workflow in GP is far superior, leaving the DAW for routine assembly

Also, would a hardware solution like the Presonus Monitor Station allow the Quantum 2626 interface to bypass my computer. If so, that would make the combination financially attractive, as opposed to the 2632.

Thanks in advance and have a good one,

As GP is a kind of “real time DAW” for live giging, it has access to all inputs and ouputs of your audio interface and can route anything you want from the inputs to the outputs. Regarding audio routing I cannot figure out what a DAW could do that GP could’nt.


i use a Quantum2626.
i never “have to” use any presonus software.
i´m not shure what your point actually is ?
you “can” use that presonus piece of software, but you don´t have to !
( i never do, so i can´t answer vs. what it would be good for, other than for a more precise metering )

the determing factor is here not your quantum2626.

a point here might be if you are on a Mac or a win based PC ?
On macs, things look different. Better ! (i´m on a mac).

GP can indeed be used for many many things.
The inter-application routing is a point, and has to be handled by own, specific audio tools, respecitivly just by doing the right settings, on both sides of the audio communication line.
Thats NOT GP dependend, since GP handles only its own internal affairs.
GP helps in that sense, that it allows to use a different audio interface for your in ports and another for your out ports (audio). (edit:at least on a mac)
Not every audio app allows for that !
so thats a big plus on the GigPerformer side.

on Macs, different audio apps exist, to do that “inter-communication routing” job.
So, there are several ways, how one could go.
i personally would claim, if somebody wants to do such things, …its a good idea to have a mac !

such things do work flawless on macs.
GP is perfectly fine suited, as well as the Q2626

Are you saying that you can use your Quantum 2626 without using the ASIO driver and Universal Control that PreSonus provides for it? If so, how? Do you install the ASIO driver, but not Universal Control?

Yes, I use Studio One as my DAW, but I could use any other DAW. Same with a VST host. I use GP, but I still need an ASIO driver for my PreSonus 1810c audio interface.

i had to install universal control, since it handles the updates.
But i do not have to open it or so.
What i meant is: My Q2626 is just ready and works (when powered on) , no further action needed.

In contrary to some old AIs i had in the past, where a mixing console was applyed,
and had to be opened or at least had to be configured. (well, that was on a windows PC)

No Asio Drivers for me, i´m on a mac :wink:

to notes vs. apple silicon:
on the M1mac, i had to do some settings by deactivating some security routines.
Same is true for the ACE driver for the Rogue Amoeba apps

Oops. Accidentally deleted post. Sorry.

I didn’t phrase my question well in the beginning. I wasn’t asking if I needed to use Presonus software, DAW or otherwise. Perhaps the included control app, while useful, is optional. I understand that the 2626 lacks internal mixing capability. I did assume GP would replace that capability, but I wasn’t sure. That got answered…thanks.

What I also want to know is if the 2626 interface outputs to the mains without external software, or does it lack routing completely? The reason I ask, is if it outputs to the mains, I could use a monitor controller to route the output.

Reading the posts here as well as reviews elsewhere, I am convinced the 2626 is the way to go. The 2632 seems to be more feature rich, but I am moving to an Intel z690 system; and Thunderbolt 4 is not backwards compatible with TB 2. I read about a workaround, using a Thunderbolt 3 dock as well as an adapter, but it seems to have uneven results and is not supported by Presonus or Intel.

Any responses to my (hopefully) better framed question would be appreciated. If not, thanks for the input so far and have a good one.


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