Predictive loading VS setlists


Im testing GP3 to see if it fits my needs.
The way i understand GP is that you create rackspaces, songs and setlists.
A setlist contains songs, and songs point to rackspaces.

With predictive loading enabled i would suspect that it would apply on the order of the setlist. Instead i only see the underlying rackspaces loaded in its order.

I would really like to see predictive loading enabled on setlists. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

p.s. i need to do spontanious songs also, so in some cases i need to jump to a song thats not in the setlist. Therefore i still need all rackspaces available in there.

A setlist contains songs
Songs contain Song Parts
and Song parts point to Rackspace variations

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When you are in a setlist you can add very easily a defined song which is not in the setlist.

Predictive load is working perfect, you can see it when you choose a defined set list.
At the beginning you see a setlist called All Songs which is not a defined Set List and therefore you were probably thinking that predictive load is not working, but believe me - it is working fine.

The way i’ve seen it work is that the rackspaces are predictively loaded in the order of the rackspaces. I like the rackspaces to be predictively loaded in the order of the setlist.

Is that possible to?

I do not understand, in my gigs I am using Set Lists and with predictive load enabled the rackspaces for the selected set list are loaded.

How to you load your gig?
Does is look this way before you load?

When it looks this way and you load a gig then you will see all your defined songs in the SetList “All Songs” and the rackspaces are loaded the way like the songs are in the list.
Then when you switch to your defined SetList the used rackspaces in this SetList are loaded and the not needed rackspaces are released from memory.
When you save your gig while a defined setlist is selected and load it again while SetList Mode is chosen then first the rackspaces are loaded in the order defined in the “All Songs” Setlist but then autmatically your chosen SetList is activated and then the needed rackspaces are loaded again.
I know there is some kind of improvement but at then end predictive load is working as it should.

When i get back from work i’ll post a picture. I think that will make things more clear. Thanks for your help Paul!

I just tested that myself and can confirm it´s working perfectly like you (and me) would expect.
The order of predictevely loaded rackspaces is dependant on the Setlist.
The order of the rackspaces itself is not relevant when you´re in Setlist / Song view.

Please take a look to the screenshot.
I created 6 rackspaces and 6 corresponding Songs. As I placed Song6 to first Position of the Setlist and the others in decreasing order, you can see rackspaces 4-6 are loaded.

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Hi! You are right, my repo case was not.
I’ve got it working now.

I like that its not loading rackspaces i don’t use!
Thanks for your help!

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