Hi gang, I’m trying to recreate the Mr. Crowley portamento sound. I have the organ, strings, choir and synth bass sounding really good. Is there a way to use one or two keys to trigger a cool portamento? or use a expression pedal?



Scripting is your friend

Yeah, I was afraid of that. I’ve watched all the videos and don’t understand how to do that. Too complicated

I don’t know what is a Mr Crowley sound but normally portamento is implemented by synths themselves.

Edit: I just looked it up – that portamento on the synth sound is definitely done by the synth itself. Use something like a virtual Minimoog or equivalent and just turn on the “Glide” to the right amount.


I would use a sustain pedal to free one of my hand and play the synth sound with the portamento with the other hand. I don’t think you need anything else.

EDIT: what I meant:

I think in synths they sometimes use the term “glide”.

Indeed - however they are not always the same — for example the Elka Synthex has separate Glide and Portamento controls and they behave slightly differently.

Ahh, did not know that! :slight_smile:


Allow me to add my opinion. First, portamento is more associated with the smooth transition between semitones. While glide, i would related to glissando which is the straight transition between semitones with no microtones in between.

For the original question i would suggest and expression pedal and to set it as a pitch bender to modify the original pitch of the keyboard.

Now,l in real electronic keyboard, there is no way to create a real microtonal on the physical keys(unless you have a pitch bender wheel on the device). My question is, how is this Pitch bend achive in a digital world using for example contact and a sample like an accordion? I have done this PB set up but even when the midi controller send bend messages, the samples still behaves like glissando


Oh dear, i just had to add the pitch shifter in the end of the chain😅

No but if you’re playing a synth it will generally have built in portamento support so all you do is set the speed and then play notes.

Hey dhj, you were exactly right. It is the synth. I was really looking for a way to turn the portamento on and off. I think I over complicated it. I was able to use a widget and set It to the synth that to turn it on and off. Was hoping an expression pedal would do it, but it wouldn’t and that’s on the keyboard I’m using

By the way, the auto sampler is a featured I’m really looking forward to using!!!

Thank you guys again for help and ideas.


I think everybody here would be happy to hear the result if you can record and post it here :wink:

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…happy to hear…?

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Ah, ah… auto correction without glasses!… :rofl:

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