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I’m a little afraid to post this with the first post warning label, but…I installed TouchOSC on an older Samsung tablet. Also Bridge/OSC on my windows 10 laptop (older unit). I can get the bridge working TouchOSC from tablet to laptop and visa versa. I’ve spent hours searching for info/videos and trying different things. I just can’t get the tablet to handshake with GP. I don’t believe it’s the firewall on the laptop, I made sure the apps were allowed thru. I don’t know how to find a port assignment on the tablet. Not so sure my GP OSC settings are correct, I’ve tried so many different things. Any thoughts, clues, points to troubleshooting/hookup info appreciated. I’m generally pretty solid on getting these things to work, but man I must be missing something.

Kind of hard to answer that when you don’t include your OSC settings or how your devices are connected.

OSC settings in GP? I’m trying to figure that out. On the tablet browsing for the laptop shows nothing. They are both on the same wifi. On GP I have “remote client IP address” as what the tablet says it is. Remote client port-no idea how to locate that on the tab. GP IP address shows 2 options. GP listening port, again don’t know what it should be.

The actual numbers please

The listening port is more or less the port on which GP receives incoming OSC messages. The other one is where it expects (in this case) Touch-OSC to listen for messages sent by GP to be received by Touch-OSC. The exact port numbers are not very important: choose one above 4096 and you’re probably fine: main thing is the port must be the same: if GP uses 4711 to send out the messages then Touch-OSC must listen on 4711. If Touch-OSC sends its messages on 5678 the GP must listen on 5678 (otherwise it will not hear anything).

Do not use the same port-number for sending and listening. GP refuses that anyway. Otherwise it would listen to its own messages, possibly creating a loop.

Edit: One other thing on any device (for example your laptop) only one application at a time can/should listen on a particular port number. Having to applications listening on the same port (on the same device) might fail anyway, but would lead to advanced problems if it works.

Well, one immediate problem. Your port numbers must normally be greater than 1023. The OS generally won’t allow you to use lower numbers.

Why did you even change the default numbers?

I’m a beginner in using OSC but I managed to connect my laptop with my phone by following npudar’s advice in his blog.

It is OSCAR OSC app, not TouchOsc, but the configuration of ports and IP addresses is certainly based on the same principle.
Maybe this will help you along the way.

Using listening ports 69000 and 6001 should be fine.

I also encountered a problem on one of my 3 computers, which all had the same configuration.
I had authorized GP, but when I went into the manager I saw that the authorizations weren’t checked, so I changed them manually. So this is something to check if you haven’t already done so.

OK-just punched in arbitrary numbers. On Gp 4545 remote client/4546 listening-and opposite on TouchOSC. (UDP connection on tab BTW) Browse see’s nothing still.

Don’t use 445: that’s Windows Networking. Everything below 4096 is a ‘wellknown’ port and associated with a general application.

No 445! :grinning:

Ok: I might be overreacting: probably everything above 1023 would do.


Only changed after trying many other things. I changed to 4545 and 4546 now and opposite on OSC/tab.

I guess/hope you don’t mean a webbrowser? That would never work. OSC is not http

No-I mean on TouchOSC when you open the settings to connect there’s a “browse” tab that should spot available devices.

The OSCAR OSC app seems to have some dif options/setup info than my app.
With authorizations, do you mean to pass through firewall? Which I did do.


If you’re on Windows: have you checked whether there’s a firewall actually allowing GP to listen for incoming traffic? That’s done by executable-name (so you don’t have to create an allow rule for each port apart) and Windows asks if you want to allow it the first time GP starts with OSC enabled. If you click cancel in that Windows dialog or just closes it, Windows creates a block rule (which you can convert to an allow rule)

On macOS: there’s also a firewall, but I can’t help you with that (but lots of other people here can)

I am windows. Do you mean allowing app through firewall? Which I did do. Or some other setting?

Look for “firewall with advanced settings” or something like that.

I don’ want to be rude, but I’ve a busy schedule tomorrow, so I’m about going to sleep. In that case that’s the reason why I do not respond anymore for the next few hours :grinning:

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No worries, I appreciate the info. It looks like GP and TouchOSC are allowed. Cheers

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