POCKETPIANO : has anyone had a chance to test it?

Has anyone visited the POCKETPIANO BOOTH at NAMM 2024? I’d be curious to know if it’s a weighted piano touch and what it feels like to play on.

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I like the concept, but this seems to be mostly a “tabletop” unit. Pretty sure it’s not weighted. No room for a weighted mechanism.
I don’t think a couple of those magnetically “snapped together” would work on most keyboard stands (unless you had a board of some sort spanning across the stand arms for total support).
Though on some master controllers there would be space off to one side or another for one to sit.

This one is perhaps better and they planned to build one on the base of a weighted keybed, but it didn’t happen for the moment.

That website has about 75 languages…
None are English…

Ahh found an English link:

It is in french, but in the link I posted goes through google translate and you should be able to choose English, I did it. In case google translate is in french in my link, look for “Anglais” which of course means “English” in french.

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