Pneuma Pro synth audio output issue with GP Midi File Player

I use a free synth plugin called Pneuma Pro by Ronan Fed - Synth Plugin VST VST3.

When I start a MIDI file in GP’s built-in Midi File player, the synth’s sound comes out in the left and right outputs, but when I stop the player there’s no sound in the right output, either by restarting the player or by playing on a keyboard.

It’s the Stop event that triggers the right audio mute.
You need to change preset for sound to come out on both sides.

The problem only occurs with GP’s built-in Midi File player, not with other Midi File player plug-ins or DAWs.
Either with VST2 or VST3.

I guess it is a synth issue as it works fine with any other synths, but why does it work with other midi players?

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Can you take a look at the MIDI Monitor window connected to the MIDI File Player what is sent when the MIDI File Player is stopped?

Have you reported this to the developer?
When you stop the MIDI player, we send some commands out to the synth (maybe other players don’t) and it sounds like the synth isn’t handling those commands properly

I had a similar issue, but not with the MIDI File Player in combination with Pneuma (and Pneuma Pro), but with just Pneuma itself. So I doubt it’s related directly to the MIDI File Player.

My fix (or workaround) is for each Pneuma (or Pneuma Pro) plugin block, to add a (GP) Midi Filter block in front of it, with properties:

  • Everything blocked
  • Except Notes - Passthru
  • CC#1 Modulation Wheel
  • CC#11 Expression
  • NotesOn - PassThru
  • Note3sOff - PassThru

Probably a bigger allowed set is possible, but this solves the problem.

Thank you all for your help, I’ve found the solution following your comments:

The Midi File Player sends a “reset all controllers” (cc121) when it stops and this mutes (I don’t know why) the right sound output.
So this plugin is reacting incorrectly to this message. I’ll report it to the developer.

I work around the problem by inserting a Midi Filter blocking the cc121 message… Hopefully this won’t lead to a new problem (i.e. controller not reset).

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I downloaded the plugin and see what’s happening.
When CC121 is activated, it is moving the Panning knob (parameter 174) all the way to the left. You can add that to your report to the developer.


I wonder he forgot a “break” in a switch statement….easy mistake to make. The code would continue and trigger whatever item was next in the list

Thank you @edm11 , I’ll add this clarification if I can contact him.
But Ronan Fed had a burn out some time ago and although he’s just updated some plugins I couldn’t find a direct contact link.

I’ve just seen that Pneuma Pro has been updated to version 1.1.2 a couple of days ago.
The bug with GP’s Midi File Player has been fixed.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a download link: the only link was in KVR but it’s now unavailable. :unamused:

pneuma pro v1.1.2

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