Plugins that mangle the sound?

Does anyone know of plug-ins the mangle the sound and so weird things similar to Chase Bliss pedals or the Hologram Electronics Microcosm?

I’m looking for plugins that do very unconventional tho fast to my guitar sounds.

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Some of the Unfiltered Audio plugins could be good to check out. This one has ‘mangle’ in the description :slight_smile:

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Unfiltered audio’s Byome and Triad can also disintegrate your audio, but these can be really cpu hungry. I suggest you wait until Plugin Alliance has a sale. That’s very often the case. When you register yourself, you get notifications about these sales.

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Another interesting ones come from Zynaptiq

Wormhole and Morph

Could you just use a really thin USB cable?:face_with_monocle:


Reverse the + and -: there might be also some smoke-effects as a bonus :firecracker:

Disclaimer: at your own risk, check out the implications of this, don’t try this at home, only when your 18+ of age.

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It can be fun to make your own stuff, too. Here’s a fella who modeled the microcosm in vcv rack. *note, to use vcv rack as a vst requires the purchase of vcv rack pro

I’m very much not the motivated… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have to give some of them a try. It would be cool more of pedal manufacturers did plugin versions of their pedals. Strymon now has two out. Most of these “mangle” or “bleep bloop” pedals are all digital anyway so its not out of the real of the possible.