Plugins on master output?

I have many guitar amps and keyboards with changing volumes and I was wondering if it’s possible to place effects such as limiter/compressor and eq on the master output for better overall control?

You create your own routing in GP, so you can easily put EQ and compressor plugin blocks just before the main outputs like this:

That accomplishes what you’re looking to do. If you want to control the settings of the EQ and Compressor, assign widgets to the controls of those plugins that you wish to adjust.

That could work if I’m using a single track for all inputs… but what if I have several patches for each instrument that don’t sync together?

I dont understand. Are you talking about different rackspaces?

yup, exactly

If you don’t want to put the EQ and Compressor on every rackspace, you could create a separate instance of GP, stick the EQ and Compressor on it, and then have all your rackspaces from the first instance feed into the second instead of going to your main outputs. Then you’d have the type of control you’re looking for.

Right - but remember that a virtual audio device needs to be used to transport the audio

Bummer there isn’t any master output control… could be very useful in some cases… Maybe as an update?