Plugins from Studio 1 pro 4

Can you locate and use the plugins that are installed in presonus studio 1?
All my other plugins are showing up but not the instruments and effects from S1.

I think this plugins are not VST or AU plugins but a proprietary format.
Therefore Gig Performer cannot use it and I think Cubase or Logic are not able to use that plugins also.

This blog could help


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In general no third party plugin host can use proprietary plugins designed to be used with only a specific host. It’s really a way to lock people in to a particular system.

No they aren’t.

But the blog article @pianopaul mentioned might help to play Mai Tai or Presence XT from Gig Performer and route the Studio One audio back to Gig Performer. I did that almost the same way because I’ve programmed many pad and lead sounds for Mai Tai that I like to play live too.

A friend of mine has developed a sampling software called SampleRobot. It’s originally a tool for sampling hardware synths but it can be used for sampling software instruments too. They’ve recently added offline VSTi sampling capabilities so this is really useful to sample KONTAKT libraries or instruments like Omnisphere. (Of course if it’s a complex synth sound and you’re playing with Gig Performer anyway, it might make more sense to directly play this VSTi :wink: ). But if you just want to play one single patch out of a 70 GB sample library or if your computer is struggling with the CPU, then it might be useful.

We have a how-to blog article about using SampleRobot to do this

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