Plugins do not appear in full graphics

Can anyone tell me why I cannot see my plugins in full appearance. Even when I right click and elect “edit” they never appear in full in a rack.


Can you provide the names of the plugins and perhaps a screenshot of what you see?

You are running Windows (why should I always guess this?) and you change the font scale to more than 100% ?

Which plugins ? (why should I always have to guess this? Did I already said this before? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Using Windows 7, Arturia plugins.

Arturia plugins provide an option to scale the GUI.
Did you try that?

Do you mean the resize window option?

If you open the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner (with the blue Arturia logo), there should be some entries to scale the GUI in various percentages…

I tried that but it only shrinks or increases the size of the plugin window but I still only see part of the plugin like the image I uploaded.

Which version are you using VST/VST 3?

Vst 3

Happens with VST also?

Are you using an external Monitor?

Yep! I have Lounge Lizard VST and it does the same thing.

And no external Monitor?

I will try that…

Same thing with external monitor

Any Chance to try on Windows 10?

Windows 10…the dark side !! lol !!

I’ll give it a try when I decide to upgrade!

Many thanks to all ! Work is cancelled here today because of a snowstorm!
Gives me some time to twiddle around and try to find a solution.