PluginPersist 2.0 not working on GLOBAL Rackspace?

There is a kontakt brass patch that I use often on my rackspaces, so IIplaced it in GLOBAL Rackspace and from then on I use it in the rackspaces I need.

In the various rackspaces, I have been successfully using the “PluginPersist 2.0” scriptlet, however, in GLOBAL Rackspace it apparently does not work. I’ve already reviewed all the configurations, more than once, I’ve selected a different Local GP controller (110) than the one I use in the individual rackspaces, but it doesn’t work!

What am I doing wrong?

Well, uhm, plugin persist is intended to work across multiple variations in a rackspace.

There are no variations in the global rackspace!

So it means that my kontakt instrument in LOBAL rackspace is allways active and using some system resources all the time?

No, it means that there are no variations in the global rackspace. You could still use Plugin Persist in a local rackspace and have it control the bypass of Kontakt in the global rackspace by mapping a local widget to a global widget.

That said, the whole point of the global rackspace is to have things available globally. Otherwise put them in local rackspaces.

I understand that. I just want to save system resources and loading time by loading this patch only once instead of 15 times (as it is used at least in 15 rackspaces)

You won’t be able to benefit from the sound persistance between variations in the global rackspace are there are no variations there. But you could use a widget button mapped to the “enable plugin” parameter and control it from a local rackspace variation. You can also use the auto sleep option.
So, what exactly are you trying to achieve with Plugin Persist 2?

I am doing exactly that.
With plugin persist I just would like that vst/kontakt plugin to be bypassed when it is not beeing used in any rackspace, in order to save system resources.

Have you actually tried just using Kontakt? My own experience with it is that when it is not playing anything, it barely uses any resources anyway

While I don’t know if it is really necessary for Kontakt, if you use the auto spleep function, it should do exactly that.