Plugin to "Step Through" Midi Sequence Note By Note?

Hello all, I have a couple of particularly difficult Hammond solos to play live in my cover band. I’m working on them, but so far, they are beyond my skill level (Boston’s “Smokin’” is one). I’m wondering if there is a plugin or application where I could record a midi sequence of the solo beforehand, then trigger that sequence by note presses on the keyboard until I can teach my muscle memory to hit all the correct notes? We don’t play to a click track, so a backing track is not an option.

Thanks for any knowledge!

I do not understand what a step sequencer should help.
A solo does not only exist of equal for example 8th notes you can step through.

I’ve been asking for this feature as well. dhj has demonstrated a similar function where you step through the midi. In his demonstration, the tempo is established by triggering two keys on a keyboard to tap the tempo in real-time by tapping the two designated keys on the midi keyboard. What I was asking for, and I believe the original poster above is alluding to is to have a way of manually stepping through a midi sequence where each tap on a designated key on the midi keyboard would trigger the next step of a midi sequence.

That’s exactly what my example does! There’s no tap tempo involved. Every time you hit the key, you get the next item in the sequence. The only reason it seems like tap tempo is because I am in fact playing the keys using two fingers at some tempo.

Dear djh, everything is easy when you understand it. Some of us in the community have zero scripting knowledge. Would you kindly direct us mere mortals as to the steps involved in getting it to work?
Thanks in advance. Btw, Gig performer is amazing! I have worked as a touring musician for 20+ yrs, and for the first time feel confident in transitioning from hardware to strictly plugins.

Sorry about the misspell - dhj :innocent:

Are there any members on this forum, who understand how scripting works that may be willing to make a gig file of the script dhj wrote? Some of us love the additional functionality some of these scripts brings to Gig performer but do not understand how to implement them. Also imho, it would be great to have a section on the forum dedicated to all of the gig files contributed by members willing to share with the non coders in the community. Thanks in advance. Btw, just discovered Remidi a VST plug-in with this step midi sort of functionality for whoever is interested.

It is here and includes many Scriptlets:

Hi David,

It’s not there. Which gig file are you referring to? Lots of great stuff, but not the one discussed in this topic. Would you be willing to create a gig file to the section? Thank you in advance

I am not specifically talking about the gig file you are looking for in this topic, but I am answering to your request to have a forum category dedicated to members contribution (including GPScripts).

Yes, that section somehow is awesome thanks! I missed it somehow. Do you know how to compile the script that dhj wrote specifically discussed in this topic? If so would you be willing to make a gig file with the script he wrote and upload it to the section you referred to?

I don’t have it, if you do post it here…

This link is where it is discussed and posted. If you can look through it and upload a gig file with the script included that would be very much appreciated.

You can play with that :innocent:

two_fingers_MIDI_sequence.gig (27.0 KB)

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Thank you David-san for your time end effort! A few
things that limit its functionality. The triggers are not velocity sensitive. Every trigger is outputting each step of the sequence at the same velocity namely 89. Not sure why. Also each step sustain until next step. Releasing the key doesn’t have affect - the step in the sequence continues to sustain regardless trigger key held or not. It’s also a bit cumbersome having to recompile the script for each new midi file. Not sure if any of this can be addressed.

That is logical as you only step through a MIDI file - at least that is my understanding.

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This is because you step through a midi file and so note on and note off are sent at step intervals when present in the midi file at these intervals.

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Correct – your fingers are simply emulating the clock that steps through a MIDI file exactly the same way as a sequencer except that you are manually controlling how fast that clock steps

Well hopefully because every NoteOn event in your sequence has a velocity of 89. If not, there’s a bug somewhere!

As @pianopaul pointed out, as you step through the file, events are being sent out and until you step to a place where there is a noteOff event or the sustain pedal event if there was one turns off), the note will stay on. This is exactly how MIDI works.

Nothing to stop you having multiple scripts. Please understand — this is a script I developed for my own use and just shared it as others were interested in how it worked. It could be modified in all sorts of ways. For example, one could examine the velocity of the incoming trigger and use that for any NoteOn messages instead of just using the one in the MIDI file.