Plugin recommendation

I am looking for a plugin recommendation. I want to by a new plugin and have read a lot of tests. At last I have found three plugins, which can do the sounds (rock/pop/cover) I need. This plugins are Uhe Hive 2, Rob Papen Blue II and FabFilter Twin 2. Important for me is the number and quality of presets and the compatibility with GP in a live situation, not risky, no CPU hunger but powerfull. Perhaps someone has experience and uses one of this plugins. Live I use a MacBook Pro, but I want to install the plugin also on my Windows 10 Desktop PC.

Though - any info appreciated.

What kind of sounds do you expect to get?
Do you rather aim for pure synthetic sounds like leads or pads, or do you need a lot of “bread and butter” sounds? If the latter, you should have a look at KORG’s Triton… this will give you a ton of cool sounds that might well work within a band context.

I’m a Korg Fan, my Master Keyboard is a Korg Kronos, I have most of the Korg VSTs, M1, Wavestation, of course Triton. I aim for synthetic sounds like leads or pads, or some strange effects, for example this “vocoder” like Keyboard Sound in Money for nothing (You tube Video minute 1:10).

Ok, so from your three candidates i personally would pick Hive 2. I don’t know either of them but I have Uhe’s Diva and I know some of their free ones and I like all of them, besides that Hive 2 has a UI which looks quite cool.
I also like the latest version of “The Surge” which is an amazing synth, and it’s free.
I also can recommend Sylenth1.
Sounds great, easy to use, lightweight to resources. Maybe worth a look too.

Yes, Surge is amazing and free! I have read your posting 5 days ago and then downloaded the version 1.8.1.


For me one of the top synths is Omnisphere.

What about Falcon? :face_with_monocle:

I love Omnisphere - but with Mainstage, which I had used before GP, it was unstable.

Falcon is a good idea…

Jordan Rudess just recommends Wedge Force Matcha and Lion from Unfiltered Audio.

Now I have to decide Hive 2, Falcon or Lion…

Or wait until something like Black Friday and buy all three?

Have you looked at the Arturia modelling collection? Full of vintage stuff

Also, as another ex-Kronos user (in fact I had an Oasys before that!), since switching completely to only controllers for touring, one thing I did was sampled my favorite Kronos sounds and threw them into Kontakt so I could use them on the road.

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That ist a good idea, perhaps I’ll give this a try.

For now I use the Korg Kronos as my Audio Interface. I control GigPerformer with the Kronos Setlist Mode. For our Live-Program I have programmed three different setlists and two different GigPerfomer files: Only Kronos (without GP), Kronos plus VST (it’s my favourite, I use this setlist) and only VST. When I sample my favorite Kronos sounds, I could change to only VST and perhaps another Controller Keyboard.

I tried that with the last OS update for my Kronos but found that it wasn’t very “fast”

Perhaps I’ve described it wrong. The Korg Kronos is my audio Input in GP and connected with USB to the MacBook Pro, there is no Audio cable at the Kronos. The MacBook Pro is connected with USB to a Radial Engineering Key Largo mixer. The Key Largo goes with two audio cables to FOH. I hear no significant latency.

I have not the latest Update for the Kronos, I use the version 3.1.2.

You’ve downloaded and tried the demos, yes?

Not yet.

At first I wanted to read some personal recommendations from the gigperformer community.

As soon as I have the demos, I 'll find some good sounds in every Plugin, so I have to buy all of them…

… most of you will know what I mean. :wink:


Meanwhile I have bought nearly all of the Plugins which are recommended in this thread (Diva, Arturia Collection, Falcon, Pigment…) and they are amazing.

But today I get an Email from PatchFoundry with the promise of “the most comprehensive collection of song-specific patches for cover band keyboardists. Ever. The Nord Stage 3 Cover Band Collection.” It features over 200 song-specific patches, making it easier on keyboard players to instantly have the exact sounds needed for the song.

I don’t have a Nord Stage 3, but I remember, that I had a lot of such collections for my Korg Kronos, for example from Ch. Schlüssel and Narf Sounds. The same for Mainstage, there are a lot of offers to find.

Does somebody know such a Cover-Band-Collection for a well known Plugin? Or for GigPerformer, no programming needed?