Plugin cannot be loaded on Mac with Ventura

I has to upgrade to Century because of a faulty battery and Apple Service did the repair and installed Ventura.
All fine except some plugin cannot be loaded anymore

But I found a workaround:
Open terminal, locate the plugin folder and execute this command
xattr -rd <plugin.vst>

After that the plugin could be loaded in Gig Performer again.

Now my question: Is that a save way to do that?

It should be fine…that quarantine is just something that is typically set when you first download something from the internet.
Disabling gatekeeper is another approach.
That said, I’d be pretty pissed if Apple updated the OS without permission

They told me that a BETA-firmware was on my Machine and therefore they had to reset everything…
I tested today for my next gig in 6 weeks and it seems that all is running fine.-