Plugin Alliance free plugins

There is no minimum spend to be able to use the current voucher codes at Plugin Alliance, so plugins that are on sale for $20 or less can be picked up for free using their voucher MEGA-SALE-20OFF.

They are also resetting the code, so you can use it up to 3 times.

I probably don’t need any more guitar stomp boxes, but the plugins from Unfiltered Audio look interesting.


The G8 Dynamic Gate is an interesting one - as it can send a midi CC when the gate is open/closed. I’m sure this will have some creative uses in GP :slight_smile:


I see it can send notes, but not seeing a setting to send CC?

Sorry, yes - a note message.
Depending on what you wanted to do with it, it would be straightforward creating a scriptlet to convert that to whatever you wanted and insert into the GP Local Port so that it could be used anywhere in GP.

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Was just about to say the same thing—in addition to the good ole NotesToCC pizmidi plugin :slight_smile:

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And Piz does have the audio to CC plugin as well!

That they do. I use that a few different ways at current, but interested to see if the G8 plugin provides other useful options.

Unfiltered audio is in my opinion - as a experimental electronic musician- one of the best Plugin builders out there !
Not the newer plugins for me, but the middle ones !

I think its entirely a shame that we see things like “Zip” and “SpecOps” run for as low as 29$.
Its ridiculous ! its some of the best pieces of music software made, …and how much would the manufacturer get to see ? $

…it tells something !

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For some reason it made me think of the iConnectivity interface that has the automatic failover between two computers by using a sine-wave generator plugin to detect if one of the computers goes down (and then switches to the other).

In theory you could use G8 to receive a sine wave from another GP instance/pc and then use the midi message generated by G8 to switch/activate the other GP instance/pc (if the sine-wave stops).

I did a quick test on the same machine using two GP instances and the Melda MOscilloscope plugin (routed on virtual audio ports). I intentionally crashed the first GP instance (I have a bad VST3!) and it enabled the audio output of the second instance immediately. Anyway, I was bored :wink:


How did you use it 3 times? On my second purchase I got this:

Sorry, it was over a 3-day period from Dec 27th or 28th (reset each day).

Ah! I still used it on the G8. I’ll check it out when I’ll have time to play with it and looking forward to what you guys end up using for. Happy New Year!