Plugin Alliance Byome

Hi all,
My first post here, thanks for a great forum!

I’m experiencing an issue with the byome plugin, in that it adds unmisical noise even when in bypass mode when audio is passed through it.
It sounds like highand mid frequency hiss, it’s not very loud, but still very audible.

What am I missing?
Some “irritating hiss” hidden button?

Windows, latest GP version, everything up to date, no other plugin behaves like this.
It’s a really useful plugin for me as a double bass performer, but unfortunately too noisy unless it’s user error.

Main settings are in/out gain neutral, volume compensation is off, sample rate is at no change.

As I have Byome too, can you post upload a small gig showing the issue?

Is there any plugin you don’t have?


Yes, sure, you never can have too many…

To be serious: You only know what you need when you have all you don’t need :wink:


Yes, I know – I have that older quote of yours in my email random quote system :slight_smile:

Hehe, the only correct amount of plugins to own is “-one more” .
This goes for bass guitars also by the way.

Anyway, a bit embarrassed here as I can’t recreate the issue this evening.
Must have been some other Gremlins in my chain yesterday. The strange thing was that it was consistently only happening with the Byome plugin, not that I had every other plugin in the rack, but I had the Tantra and the Melda MFreqShifter, and enabling/disabling these did nothing.

Anyway, all seams well now, and I will blushingly withdraw to my bass-cave.


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