Plug ins losing memory/status again

Hi, I’ve had so much great assistance here, hoping you can all steer me in the right direction again… about a year ago I had a chronic issue with GP4 opening up my plugs ins (Usually Kontakt and Air!) showing blanks, the plug ins would load but they would be blank.I would have to go and reload those specific user presets (which I save religiously) every time I opened a gig. Took an hour before every single gig… I got some great help and found that part of the problem is that my files/ were being saved in incorrect places on the Mac. Got that all straightened out. Everything has been fine for about 18 months… now all of a sudden everything is disappearing again. I have not done anything to move or change where files are stored, the same Rackspaces I’ve used for years are now showing up with the plug-ins blank again.
I have 2 suspicions… the Mac was hit with a sudden power outage/bump recently. I have it on a protected power bar but the power went off and on 4 or 5 times very quickly (within 2 seconds) when it occured, before I could react. The gig loaded ok right after, that was about a week ago but the problem started again a few days later…
Also I have a Cleaner on my Mac, I think it’s ‘Clean My Mac’ or C Cleaner for Mac, sorry not next to it right now I"m at work… however I’ve just read that these cleaners can cause more problems than they solve. I’ll be removing the cleaner this evening, but I’m wondering if that might be related.
]Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated. I gig again in 10 days, so I have some time to work this out. I really don’t want to hit the road with a system I can’t depend on… GP4 is brilliant and I know it’s not the problem but I need to figure out what it is in my system or setup that is causing this.
Thanks in advance!


There’s no magic — something clearly changed. I don’t know what to suggest as to the cause but going forward I would give you the advice that I give all my friends with Macs — run Time Machine all the time (except possibly when you’re on stage, though I’ve left it running during rehearsals and never seen an issue) so that you can revert everything to the previous day (say) should you encounter a problem.

Yes thanks, I always have Time Machine running and I will certainly use that to get back to ‘safe ground’. I also always separately back up every Rackspace, every Gig, every preset inside plug ins, etc. so I’m not in too much trouble. But man I would sure like to figure out what does this so I can prevent it from happening again. Again any opinions on ‘Cleaner’ utility software(s)?

While I have used applications that explicitly (and only when asked) remove applications and their data, I would never use one that just does “cleanup”’as one never knows what needed system stuff might get blindly removed